Jauz nods to Rusko with new remix of ‘Jahova’ [Free Download]Rusko Jahova Jauz

Jauz nods to Rusko with new remix of ‘Jahova’ [Free Download]

Modern music culture is all about the remix. Music inspires an artist and then that artist goes and tries to reproduce that inspiration on their own. Now with a wave of up-and-coming young producers finally breaking into their respective niches in the industry, we see how production styles of the past have influenced them as they take the reigns. As Jauz continues to push his way to the limelight with his enticing take on bass music, he takes a second to nod to one of the more veteran bass talents out there, remixing Rusko’s “Jahova,” a tune that inspired Jauz well before he got to where he is today, just as Rebel MC’s “Jahovia” inspired Rusko long before that. .

The original mix is eight years old but with Jauz’ rendition, “Jahova” is made new again. Rusko’s cut relies heavily on the raw elements of dub and dance hall sounds that spawned early dubstep productions, although Rusko’s rendition of the track packs a lot less punch than Jauz’ take. Jauz stitches the remnants of the original mix together with heavy-handed, club-primed bass lines designed for dance floor mayhem. Giving the track a much needed uptempo treatment with a few key half-time breaks, Jauz makes “Jahova” into his own.

Free download. 

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