Julio Bashmore’s debut album, ‘Knockin’ Boots,’ is on the wayJulio Bashmore

Julio Bashmore’s debut album, ‘Knockin’ Boots,’ is on the way

For Julio Bashmore, a lustrous career began to take shape after the release of his self-titled dirtybird EP in 2009. The Bristol-bred DJ and producer has since dispersed his music across labels like Night Slugs, Ten Thousand Yen, PTN and Soul Motive before launching his own imprint, Broadwalk Records, in 2012. The imprint is now home to originals including “Peppermint,” “Rhythm of Auld,” and “Simple Love.”

Nearly six years after finding his niche, Bashmore readies his debut album, Knockin’ Boots, to be released July 10, which will mark Broadwalk Records’ first album release. Fans can expect to see collaborations with J’Danna, Bixby, and Sam Dew.

‘Knockin’ Boots’ tracklist:

1. Knockin Boots
2. Holding On (ft. Sam Dew)
3. She Aint (ft. Julie Mendoza)
4. Let Me Be Your Weakness (ft. Bixby)
5. Rhythm Of Auld (ft. J’Danna)
6. For Your Love (ft. Seven David Jr)
7. What’s Mine Is Mine
8. Bark
9. Umuntu (ft. Okmalumkoolkat)
10. Simple Love (ft. J’Danna)
11. Kong (ft. Bixby)
12. You & Me

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