Kaskade’s ‘Where Are U Now’ remix premieres via Heldeep RadioMysteryland Usa Kaskade 4

Kaskade’s ‘Where Are U Now’ remix premieres via Heldeep Radio

Oliver Heldens has one of the most consistant electronic music radio shows to his name; week after week, Heldeep Radio packs a heavy punch with future house hits and premieres all curated by the “Gecko” mastermind himself. This week, Heldens’ podcast was delivered with a special package hidden deep within the mix. Weeks ago, Kaskade revealed that he worked on a remix of Skrillex and Diplo‘s collaboration with the unlikely Justin Bieber, “Where Are Ü Now.” Though the original mix of the track is still ringing true on radio charts globally, Kaskade’s wonky remix of the production breathes fresh life into an over-remixed track that desperately deserved a proper effort. The track holds a comfortable place at the end of the 51st episode of Heldens’ podcast.

Remixes for “Where Are Ü Now” have been confirmed by both Kaskade and Marshmello, the mysterious new bass artist receiving a ton of support from well-respected producers, though release details are yet to be heard. Keep an eye peeled for further information on those Jack Ü remixes.

Release Date: TBA

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