Kursa – Unaware (Original Mix)MTA Seasons Summer

Kursa – Unaware (Original Mix)

The UK is by no means spent where its contributions to electronic music are concerned — just ask reigning champions MTA Records. The label is priming a free celebration of national talent in the spirit of summer, but have made with the latest from established London bass-smith Kursa to set the mood for their own seasonal soundtrack.

Fulfilling its namesake and pointing to a world where the heyday of UK dance music and its current state of health can blissfully intertwine, “Unaware” is another shot from outside of the comfort zones from a label that never shies from testing the nerves and taking things back to basics. It’s a celebration of the wobble, a return towards the once sacred two-step that triples up as a gloriously murky club cut with dubstep hallmarks. If you’re out to sound the death of dance music in Europe off the back of the industry’s recent infatuation with anything that can be coined ‘deep’ or ‘underground’ then you need to familiarize yourself with MTA’s musical agenda, as Kursa’s latest is proof of their persistently good programming here in 2015.

Release Date: May 18

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