La Rose – Normal Life EPLaRose

La Rose – Normal Life EP

The name La Rose may be unfamiliar to most in the music scene; despite the obscurity surrounding his name, though, La Rose’s music is far from the stereotypical “underground” house sound. Clean, modern, and deep, his production style oozes luxury and sophistication. His debut EP, Normal Life, is a stunning arrival onto a new level of electronic music better suited for the lounge than the mega club. The influence of artists such as Depeche Mode and Thievery Corporation are apparent in the Danish artist’s work, and while he considers himself a deep house producer, his sound is a beautiful blend of trance-rooted melodies, instrumental work, and chill, progressive rhythms. The title track is a swirling, ethereal gem that glides like a wisp of smoke on a haze of shimmering synths and a high-stepping groove. The follow up track, “C U At The Corner,” goes a little bit deeper and darker, revving up the rhythm and rounding out the bass line to create a more dance floor-oriented, night time vibe.

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