MDMA therapy approved for trial in San FranciscoTherapy

MDMA therapy approved for trial in San Francisco

The therapeutic effects of MDMA are no secret. Just ask anyone who’s spent a weekend in the playa or an afternoon with loved ones alongside the empathogen. In an unprecedented move for the popular drug, researchers in Marin County have been granted permission to begin testing the effectiveness of MDMA for reducing anxiety and depression caused by life-threatening illnesses.

While in the past, MDMA has been used in clinical trials to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, the new research project marks a significant step forward for the drug in the context of diseases such as cancer. Psychiatrist Dr. Philip Wolfson of San Anselmo will lead the study, conducting extensive psychotherapy sessions throughout the year.

Though we’re likely still years away from seeing doctors hand out MDMA prescriptions, with similar drugs like mushrooms and LSD also being used in clinical research, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy continues to become a more legitimate field of medicine with each new study.

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