Michael The Lion – 909s and Herb (feat. Sammy Bananas)Michael The Lion

Michael The Lion – 909s and Herb (feat. Sammy Bananas)

Philly-based DJ/producer Michael The Lion (AKA DJ Apt One) has been quietly carving out a niche for himself as one of the foremost American experts on all things Italo and disco. His new 12″ of disco edits has just landed on Brooklyn based vinyl specialists Razor-N-Tape and is his follow-up to “Funk Train,” which was released last October on Soul Clap Records as part of their vinyl only “Summer Jamz” series before quickly selling out during pre-sales. This 12″ is the 10th release from Razor-N-Tape and is somewhat of a DJ’s Swiss Army knife, containing four distinct disco cuts that jocks will be continually dialing up to move bodies and rescue dance floors.

The last track on the release, “909s and Herb”, features Fool’s Gold affiliate Sammy Bananas and retools the Herb Alpert sample that is the backbone to Biggie’s anthem “Hypnotize” into a four-to-the-floor disco weapon. The recognizable chunky bassline starts off the tune before a reverb drenched filtered buildup gives way to the synth stabs we all know and love that start off “Hypnotize.”

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