Kickstart this documentary about Paradise Garage and Larry LevanDancefloor4

Kickstart this documentary about Paradise Garage and Larry Levan

Jonathan Ullman, director of 2011 film Trouble in the Heights, has set his sights on a new documentary that would shed light on emblematic New York City discotheque, Paradise Garage. The club, best known for embracing the LGBT community and dance music, operated from 1977 to 1987 and was home to resident DJ Larry Levan.

The Paradise Garage made its mark on many, including Ullman, whose past is deeply rooted in the now-nonexistent club. “The Paradise Garage was more than a nightclub,” he said. “For 10 years it helped shape the musical landscape, providing the soundtrack to an era. It’s a musical legacy that must be preserved for future generations to discover and cherish.”

David DePino and Joey Llanos, two of Levan’s former assistant DJs, are strong advocates of Ullman’s vision, which has its own Kickstarter page here. So far, he and producer Jay Antonio Malla Maldonado have raised $9,293 – with an ultimate goal of $175,000 to finance the documentary. Those who donate are eligible to receive props, T-shirts and invitations to throwback dance parties, which are held annually.

Help fund the Paradise Garage film. 

Via: Rolling Stone

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