Paul Kalkbrenner announces seventh studio album, ‘7’Paul Kalkbrenner 7

Paul Kalkbrenner announces seventh studio album, ‘7’

Paul Kalkbrenner and the history of Berlin techno are closely intertwined. The legendary producer was but 12 years old when the Berlin wall fell in 1989. In the years after, Kalkbrenner witnessed, and participated, as techno became the soundtrack to the reunification movement. Nowadays, Kalkbrenner sits atop a 20-year career in electronic music with six studio albums to his name and a newly announced seventh on the way. Having signed a long-term deal with Sony Music International earlier this year, the Berlin icon’s new album 7 will arrive on Columbia Records / Sony International on August 7.

To produce the record, Kalkbrenner was given the keys to the castle, so to speak, with unprecedented access to Sony and Columbia’s legendary vaults. With the likes of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan at his fingertips, Paul sorted through the historic collection, eventually arriving at vocal samples from Luther Vandross, Jefferson Airplane and D-Train, which he has incorporated into his new album.

Listen to the album’s first single, “Cloud Rider,” on Spotify.


1. Battery Park
2. Cylence 412
3. Cloud Rider
4. Shuffleface
5. Tone & Timber
6. Channel Isle
7. Feed Your Head
8. Papercut Pilot
9. Mothertrucker
10. A Million Days
11. Align The Engine
12. Bright Roller

Pre-order: iTunes

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