Richie Hawtin comments on changing technology; earns Honorary Doctorate from Huddersfield UniversityRichie Hawtin Edcny2013

Richie Hawtin comments on changing technology; earns Honorary Doctorate from Huddersfield University

Richie Hawtin‘s latest CNTRL tour — once again combining his love of technology, music, and teaching — highlighted a busy April for the techno pioneer. At his stop in New York, Hawtin commented on the effect technology has on an artist’s rising within the genre and how to find yourself among a flooded landscape of talent. “As big as the scene has become and as easy as it is to get involved, to go beyond that and find your own unique voice or sound is quite difficult,” Hawtin stated.

While an obsession with technological advances can be beneficial, the techno luminary also warned of getting too caught up in the continuous evolution. “Sometimes people criticize electronic music for being computer music – ‘it’s not made by people, it’s all about the machine.’ Well, it can be, but it shouldn’t be. Our instrument keeps changing and evolving and there always seems to be someone – a friend or a manufacturer – trying to entice you that there is something new that you have to get to sound great. But you can spend all the time chasing that and never having enough to find yourself.”

Also joining his hectic spring, Richie Hawtin was awarded an honorary doctorate from Huddersfield University in West Yorkshire, England. The degree allows recipients to teach at the university, which may entice the legend to continue his wisdom-sharing ways. Another notch in the belt for one of the genre’s most decorated stars, the first quarter of 2015 has flawlessly set up another summer on Ibiza and jaunts around the world at the globe’s most reputable festivals.

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