Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (GTA Remix)Bitch Better Have My Money GTA Remi

Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (GTA Remix)

‘Death To Genres’ has long been the mantra behind GTA‘s robust sound, but the inauguration of an EP series by the same namesake this year suggested that the US duo had landed into the New Year on more versatile form than ever before. Where “Bitch Better Have My Money” turned heads towards the urban market’s ultimate femme fatale, the Miami outfit now intervenes off the heels of an increasing swell in universal love for their single “Red Lips” with their own club-savvy reimagining of Rihanna’s standout single.

There’s more to GTA’s remix than an injection of 808s and triplets. The duo charges the track with relentless energy, playing of Rihanna’s cocky vocal work with a nod to the staple trap sentiments that their work has continued to celebrate, but never been limited to. Breaking genre boundaries doesn’t have to mean ousting solid club tracks, a factor that GTA truly owns for one of their finest chart interventions to date.

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