Scott Melker & Glow Team – No No Way (Original Mix)No

Scott Melker & Glow Team – No No Way (Original Mix)

“No No Way” hits hard in the most gratifying and unexpected ways. Dark, brooding and powerful, it grinds along on atmospheric, down-tempo rhythms which would make for a great late night chiller. Producer Scott Melker and electronic music outfit Glow Team keep it from getting too mellow, though, by inserting throttling bass sequences to rev the energy back up and keep the trap-influenced tune on the aggressive side of music. And then there’s that hard style reminiscent build up that pops in at the two-and-a-half-minute mark. It’s a tune that’s been somewhat in the works since 2013, when the trap movement took the scene by storm. I started it almost two years ago. I chopped up the sample, trapped it out, and put it on my to-do list to finish,” said Melker. When he met production duo Glow Team almost two years later, he sent the track over “and let them run with it.” The Miami based outfit said the track “just clicked” with them. After going back and forth for several weeks, Melker and Glow Team emerged with something truly unique that takes the basic elements of trap and gives them a spin more in-sync with the futuristic chill-tempo electronica sound that is becoming popular across the U.S. Perhaps most interesting aspect of the track is that its intensity is tempered by delicate, melancholy arpeggios, creating a flawless study in contrast.

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