Sony pulls artists’ catalogs off SoundCloudSoundcloud Logo

Sony pulls artists’ catalogs off SoundCloud

Sony Music has moved to sever ties with SoundCloud and has pulled seven of its artists off of the service. Adele, Hozier, Miguel, Kelly Clarkson, Passion Pit, Leon Bridges, and MS MR have all had their catalogs removed entirely with more artists likely to follow. The actions come in the wake of the Berlin-based company failing to negotiate with Sony Music.

Although SoundCloud reached an agreement with fellow major label Warner Music, the company’s working relationship with Sony ended back in October when negotiations halted due to royalty disputes. No stranger to copyright issues and major label backlash, SoundCloud has continued to raise funding thanks to its 350 million and growing userbase.¬†Now valued at close to 1 billion, the platform is a critical piece of the EDM industry and, while major labels may continue to pull their catalogs off the service, independent artists and labels could end up on the better side of the platform’s¬†monetization strategy.

Via: Billboard

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