Spotify taps Tiësto for a ‘Spotify Running’ original and announces plans to integrate video contentSpotify Logo

Spotify taps Tiësto for a ‘Spotify Running’ original and announces plans to integrate video content

Determined to maintain a stronghold on the streaming music business, Spotify is rapidly unveiling new dimensions of its forthcoming update. During a press conference held today, the streaming platform confirmed rumors regarding a media expansion by announcing a video and podcast extension of Spotify that will be unveiled on its next iteration. BBC, ESPN, Vice News, Adult Swim and TED will be some of Spotify’s first video partners, and the platform hinted that they aim to introduce original content in the future as well.

In addition to video, the platform will also be introducing Spotify Running, an extension of the already existing app that will use sensors to detect the user’s running pace in order to match the song tempo. As usual, Spotify users will be able to select genres or songs they prefer, or allow Spotify to curate for them. Appropriately, Spotify Running will integrate with Nike and RunKeeper apps.

Spotify Running will also introduce original songs created especially with running in mind. As the user runs and increases or decreases speed, the sensor will detect the pace and select songs that will match in tempo and intensity. As of the press event, six songs have already been created, one of which was authored by Tiësto.

The Spotify update will go live today in the US, UK, Germany, and Sweden. Other countries will receive the roll out soon.

Via: Business Insider


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