Steve Aoki to release ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’ documentaryAoki Press

Steve Aoki to release ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’ documentary

It’s time we all come to terms with the fact that Steve Aoki has risen to international stardom in a way few electronic music entertainers have in the past. While the artist has been heavily criticized for his focus on creating a wild party rather than an immersive and emotional musical experience during his live performances, there is no question that the Dim Mak head honcho has been wildly successful in building one of EDM’s strongest brands.

When the announcement came that Steve Aoki would be splitting his highly anticipated Neon Future album into two parts, an even stronger case for Aoki’s fame was made. The ability to release two albums within less than a year of each other, each packed to the brim with intense electro-heavy vocal cuts, is unquestionably impressive. It seems that Relativity Media agrees, as they have recently officially acquired the rights to Steve Aoki’s upcoming documentary, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, which will launch exclusively this week at the Cannes International Film Festival.

The documentary will follow Steve Aoki’s journey through the anticipation and lead-up to one of the artist’s biggest shows ever. The film will also cover other complex and taboo topics for Aoki, including a special focus on his family’s famous “Benihana” business.

While many DJs have recently tried their hand at creating an engaging story for their brand through documentary films, Steve Aoki’s venture into the new media arena is accompanied by film moguls to help take the project to the next level. Matthew Weaver and David Gelb, the film’s producers, happen to be the same duo that recently worked on the Jiro Dreams Of Sushi documentary. Aoki surely isn’t messing around, and hope remains that this ambitious venture will actually raise the bar for future projects of similar stature.

While publicly available details of the film are still scarce, keep your eyes peeled for the true and full Aoki story – one we’ve been waiting on for a while.

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