Trippy Turtle remixes Chance the Rapper’s 'Good Ass Intro' for a good ass cause

Trippy Turtle remixes Chance the Rapper’s ‘Good Ass Intro’ for a good ass cause

Each year, World Turtle Day is celebrated on May 23rd bringing awareness to the American Tortoise Rescue. This year, the day also brought a new track from the infamous tycoon of Jersey club, Trippy Turtle. Infusing the original’s lyrics, the producer adds his own whimsically distinct and bouncy touch to Chance the Rapper’s “Good Ass Intro,” reintroducing his take as “Good Ass Turtle” in effort to shed light on the appropriately turtle-themed cause.

Trippy Turtle first previewed this track in his Diplo & Friends mix and now offers the full-length song as a free download while encouraging his fans to contribute to the Save the Sea Turtles Foundation. Pay homage and salute World Turtle Day by boogying to “Good Ass Turtle” and grabbing the free download.

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