Trouble & Bass founder Ben Deitz has passed awayMathhead

Trouble & Bass founder Ben Deitz has passed away

Ben Deitz, one of the founding members of New York City-based label Trouble & Bass, passed away on Saturday, May 9. As of now, the cause of death is still unknown.

Founded in 2006, the label celebrated eight prosperous years until releasing its final compilation at the tail end of March, All Time Trouble & Bass, which embodied the heart of the label’s sound throughout the years. The imprint wrapped up with a final showcase at Williamsburg’s Verboten on April 18, thanking fans for their utmost support from the very beginning.

Fellow founding member of Trouble & Bass, Luca Venezia — aka Drop the Lime — shared this message on SoundCloud:

“In 2002, before T&B even existed, Drop The Lime put together this compilation called ‘Nobody Compilate’ of various young NYC based artists, and Math Head was the first to contribute and help curate the compilation. Given that both had such punk rock roots, they illegally placed these home printed CD-R copies of the compilation in shops like HMV and Tower Records in sections like IDM, D&B, and Electronica to reach the right people and it hilariously caught buzz.

All that was printed for contact info was random AOL email address but the excited/confused mails of –  ‘I tried to buy your CD and was told I could just have it for free as it wasn’t in the system’ were frequent. Soon after, Star Eyes, Zack Shadetek, The Captain and AC Slater joined forces and the same DIY attitude evolved even more, creating Trouble & Bass. With the recent tragic passing of such a magical, influential, and driven soul, we felt it was important to share the track Math Head had contributed. It’s such a strong and honest glimpse into the furiously original production of music he soon progressed into.

You will be missed greatly Ben. We love you.”

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