Watch This: Flosstradamus light up with Cypress Hill’s B-Real in latest interviewFlosstradamus PressPhoto2

Watch This: Flosstradamus light up with Cypress Hill’s B-Real in latest interview

“We put the high in high energy” explains Curt Cameruci of Flosstradamus as he takes a thick drag from the back seat of B-Real’s hazy car on the latest edition of The Smokebox.

Chicago-bred trap duo Flosstradamus recently caught up with Cypress Hill’s B-Real on BREAL.TV, dishing with the veteran rap star during a good old-fashioned hot boxing session. The HDYNATION leaders pile into the car with B-Real, and with the flick of a Bic, the most laid back interview of all time gets underway.

The pair of trap-stars bridge the gap with the Cypress Hill front man, discussing everything from the emergence of Flosstradamus to dance music’s evolving relationship with hip-hop as thick plumes of smoke shroud the car. They run through their Soundclash EP, touching on collaborations with Lil’ Jon and Run The Jewels, at a time when the trap duo’s popularity grows by the day, well after a period in their careers where “none of the rappers would f*ck with [them].”

Curt and Josh offer their take on the current trend in stage setups at festivals, describing their post-apocalyptic HDYNATION Tour setup from earlier this year, and delve into how hip-hop and EDM producers today are all essentially “speaking the same language.” Floss tell B-Real about the sounds that influenced them on their rise to fame, shouting out Green Velvet among others, paying their respect to the footwork scene that Chicago has built its namesake on.

Touching on B-Real’s work with UK bass legend Rusko as well as Flosstradamus’ urge to continue to innovate in 2015, the interview is partly informative, partly just stoner jargon. Either way, from discussing the therapeutic merits of Blueberry Yum Yum to learning how two Chicago-based DJs became the biggest trap producers in the world, Flosstradamus and B-Real chop it up in one of the most easy-going, informal interviews ever conducted.

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