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Watch Nero live in action in official music video for ‘The Thrill’

It’s a bit surreal to see this much new content from Nero arriving in the last few weeks. After all, we’ve waited nothing short of three years for this moment. From new single “Between II Worlds” to a live-streamed performance from Coachella, Nero are back and they’re not going away soon.

The latest stepping stone on the road to the album is the official music video for “The Thrill,” the group’s anthemic, rock-infused dubstep single. Much like the setup of their live shows, Alana Watson takes the spotlight in the video, serving as both the voice and visual centerpiece of the performance. Dan and Joe can be found methodically tinkering along in the background, surrounded by stacks of dazzling analog gear.

As always, the group’s aesthetic is precisely on point. Dystopian and cyberpunk meets gritty and glamorous, it’s the Dickian Nero universe we’ve been harkening to return to.

Between II Worlds arrives on August 28 on Cherrytree Records/Interscope.

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