Yousef’s ‘In The Process of Eight’ sets precedent high for seamless house albumsYousef Process Of Eight

Yousef’s ‘In The Process of Eight’ sets precedent high for seamless house albums

As the ringleader of Circus Recordings and a trusted force on the European underground circuit, Yousef has always stuck quality at the forefront of everything he touches. Having previously used the full-length format to push perceptions of the club LP and experiment with its creative fabrics, In The Process of Eight takes a far more functional approach from the Liverpool legend behind his own arsenal of essential club records.

In terms of club records, there isn’t a single dud note on the LP. Stacking collaborations alongside the likes of Reboot, Bontan and The Angel, this 12-track landmark taps into numerous textures and moods from across global club land. ‘Let Go’ kick-starts with an infectious tip to modern tech house with a vocal twist, whilst ‘I Need You’ nods to a Balearic influence that has often proven essential to his studio work. Taking a more percussive techno standpoint in its finishing remarks, the album forges an essential gateway into the bigger picture in underground dance music that Yousef has consistently contributed to, but not always been given the credit he deserves.

In The Process of Eight is an essential piece to fans new and old of the genre, speaking to a generation that has shrugged off all the gimmicks often associated with modern dance albums. This is an album of solid club records, not passing hip singles, and as a result it plays as a contender to one of 2015’s most important yet overlooked albums so far.

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