7 sets you can’t miss at Spring AwakeningSpring Awakening Music Festival 1

7 sets you can’t miss at Spring Awakening

Any avid festivalgoer understands the tough decisions they face when planning their EDM itineraries. When it comes to festivals like Spring Awakening and their vast lineups, the choices can sometimes become overwhelming. Ahead of Spring Awakenings, takeover of Soldier Field, we’ve selected the acts we’re most excited to see at Chicago’s premier festival.

7. Dani Deahl

When: Friday 3:00-4:00 PM

Where: Equinox

Dani Deahl kicks off our Spring Awakening countdown list as well as the festival itself. Known for her heavy hitting twerk/trap music, Dani will make sure that your festival kicks off with a bang. This set will be the perfect way to set the tone for the rest of Spring Awakening weekend.

6. Porn and Chicken

When: Saturday 3:00-4:00

Where: Equinox

Hometown heroes and Chicago’s rowdiest DJs are back at Soldier Field this year. Known for their intense on-stage antics and elaborate setups Porn and Chicken bring their trap arms to the Equinox stage on Saturday. There’s a reason it’s called ‘The Porn and Chicken Experience’ so be sure to stop by for a quick taste of the Chi-town residents.

5. Slander

When: Friday 7:00-8:00

Where: Phoenix

Heaven trap posterboys, Slander, will take to the Phoenix stage on Friday just before the sun sets on Spring Awakening’s opening day. Following their massive collaborative EP, Nuclear Bonds with NGHTMRE, and a host of high profile appearances on the world’s biggest stages, the rowdy duo are sure to rattle your bones. An extensive tour schedule this summer means that this might be the only time you can catch the pair in Chicago for the foreseeable future.

4. Shiba San

When: Friday 6:00-7:00

Where: Equinox

When Shiba San takes the decks you can always expect an impressive blend between hip-hop, deep house and ghetto house. It’s not only the wide selection that the Dirtybird upstart brings to the table that makes his sets so impressive, it’s the incredibly talented mixing that he brings along with it. This set will have you dancing, grooving, and wishing it were an hour longer.

3. Keys N Krates

When: Sunday 6:00-7:00

Where: Equinox

Trap stars turned electronic music performers, Keys N Krates fall in the dead center of Day 3. If you are looking for a high energy musical performance, this one is a no brainer. With a track selection that ranges across the board, Keys N Krates will have something for everyone.

2. Eric Prydz

When: Friday 9:00-10:00

Where: Equinox

Anyone who saw Eric Prydz at Spring Awakening last year will tell you it was one of their favorite performances of the weekend. Luckily enough he’s back once again, this year closing out the Equinox stage on Friday. If you love pure progressive house matched with impeccable mixing, this is a set you cannot miss.

1. MK

When: Sunday 7:30-8:30

Where: The Hangar (Beatport Stage)

Sunday Soldier Field will be graced with the Jamie Jones curated Beatport Stage which touts an impressive house filled lineup. Our top pick from that stage would be the legendary Marc Kinchen. After stellar sets at both Ultra and Coachella, one could only wonder what MK has in store for Spring Awakening.

Photo courtesy of Spring Awakening

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