A new algorithm answers the ultimate question: “Is it a banger?”Isitabangr2

A new algorithm answers the ultimate question: “Is it a banger?”

Are you a DJ? Of course you are – everyone’s a DJ. Well your job just got a little bit easier. Programs like Serato and rekordbox have long been able to sync tracks and lock them to a grid, effectively handling the “mixing” part of DJing. But you still have to pick the songs; what a drag!

A few versions ago, Mixed In Key introduced a feature that assigns songs an Energy score between 1-10, but it didn’t flat out answer the ultimate question: Is it a banger? Luckily, the world’s foremost banger-detection site has arrived. Inspired by Parks and Recreation‘s Tom Haverford, isitabangr pulls data from Spotify, The Echo Nest, and user input to determine whether or not a song is a banger.

I was skeptical at first, so I decided to run a few tests. I started with “Hey There Delilah,” the incomparably moving Plain White T’s balled. And as expected:

A new algorithm answers the ultimate question: “Is it a banger?”Screen Shot 2015 06 02 At 11.52.02 AM

No further testing needed; the algorithm clearly works.

To check out isitabangr’s source, click here. To do some banger-testing of your own, click here.

via: Motherboard


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