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Apple Music signs publishing deals with indie publishers Beggars Group and Merlin

Apple Music has closed last-minute deals with independent publishing companies Beggars Group and Merlin. Due to original contract obligations stating that artists would not be paid royalties during the trial period of ninety days, these two groups, among several others, expressed strong opposition for Apple’s streaming platform and refused to use the service. Following increased pressure from these groups and other high-profile artists like Taylor Swift, Apple has since agreed to offer artists royalty payments for the trial period as well.

Thanks to this change, it seems these two powerhouse publishers have changed their minds about working with Apple. Although Beggar’s Group had initially written a lengthy opposition statement against the original contractual obligations, their recent signing onto Apple Music indicates they’re pleased with the changes made. Likewise for Merlin; in an open letter to employees, the CEO stated “I am pleased to say that Apple has made a decision to pay for all usage of Apple Music under the free trials on a per-play basis, as well as to modify a number of other terms that members had been communicating directly with Apple about. With these changes, we are happy to support the deal.”

Apple Music will be officially unveiled tomorrow.

H/T: FACT Magazine

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