Artec – You Got It feat. Mike Irving (Original Mix)You Got It Artec Original Mi

Artec – You Got It feat. Mike Irving (Original Mix)

Producer Artec may have gotten his start as a local resident DJ navigating Miami’s club circuit, but it’s definitely taught him a thing or two about what moves an audience on a dance floor. Like his moniker implies, his focus in the studio is on fusing together art and technology in a way that results in gorgeously executed full-sensory production. Every track has an accompanying visual story, and every story takes the listener on a new emotional journey.

His latest release, “You Got It,” is a stunning original anthem that embodies the “big room progressive” sound. Artec’s extensive training in classical music is evident in the tune’s shining melodies, which manage to soar sky-high while maintaining a smooth delicacy often lost in many big room ballads. Meanwhile, vocalist Mike Irving’s simple two-line hook adds a soft and glowing touch of soul to this spellbinding summertime hit. Watch the video here, shot and edited by Artec himself, or stream the track via Soundcloud.

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