Bad Royale – Drop Di Bomb (feat. The Kemist) [Free Download]Bad Royale

Bad Royale – Drop Di Bomb (feat. The Kemist) [Free Download]

Like one might imply by the title’s spelling, Bad Royale brings a Jamaican feel to their newest collaboration with The Kemist called “Drop Di Bomb.” The track is a delicious and danceable combination of EDM flavors, combining some a faster-paced version of the moombahton rhythm with the bass accents of a big-room house tune. Topped with a grimy melody and intense synthesizer samples often heard in a Diplo or Major Lazer track, “Drop Di Bomb” is sure to light up the dance floors in any bass music-lover’s set. It’s clear to see why Bad Royale has found a home and support from both Mad Decent and Buygore.

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