Bassnectar releases 5 new songs off forthcoming album ‘Into the Sun’Bassnectar

Bassnectar releases 5 new songs off forthcoming album ‘Into the Sun’

Forget keeping calm – stop everything you’re doing and freak out! Bass music’s king of innovation, Bassnectar, just dropped five new tracks off his upcoming Into the Sun EP out June 30th via his imprint Amorphous Music. Lorin first gifts us with a metal-inspired remix of The Naked and Famous’ “No Way” followed by new originals “Into the Sun”, Speakerbox featuring Lafa Taylor, the gritty and dark “The Mystery Spot” alongside G Jones and a 2015 rework of his remix of Dorfex Bos‘ self-titled single. 

There will be 16 tracks featured on the genre-bending album, consisting of a medley of new productions, reworks of past remixes and finishing with a bonus 70-minute mix of the album titled “Mixtape 13.” While Lorin’s die-hard fans await the highly-anticipated album, in the interview he is quick to say he will treat it like a mixtape stating: “[Mixtapes] are fun playgrounds for me because there are no rules. You’re basically sampling anything and mixing everything together with abandon. It’s like a big fucking sonic collage.” 

Get these five mind-melting tracks instantly when you pre-order the album here.

Via: Rolling Stone

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