Beatport’s new streaming player compensates artists for every playBeatport

Beatport’s new streaming player compensates artists for every play

Earlier this year, Beatport formally entered the streaming race with the launch of their mobile app, giving access to their unrivaled back-catalog of electronic music. Now they’ve taken the idea one step further, unveiling their embeddable streaming player. Much like how a SoundCloud or YouTube streams functions, any track on can now be embedded into a website or shared on social media. Best of all, Beatport will be compensating artists and rightsholders every time the song is played.

This kind of universal payout agreement is a stark contrast to the policies of SoundCloud and YouTube who, more often than not, are only compensating artists at the top of the food chain. Putting the emphasis where it should — payouts for all streams — Beatport has already won us over.

“Supporting artists has been a core value at Beatport since day one, and that mission remains as we expand to serving fans with our new streaming service,” said Beatport Executive Creative Director Clark Warner. “Our embeddable streaming music player not only helps artists promote their music by making it available wherever their fans live online, but we are also taking the necessary steps to pay rightsholders for each listen so artists get paid.”

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