Boys Noize Presents Strictly Raw, Vol 1Strictly Raw Vol 1

Boys Noize Presents Strictly Raw, Vol 1

Fans have been waiting, and Boys Noize has delivered. Armed solely with one drum machine and a pair of synths, the German electro prodigy demonstrated that it’s possible to make well-mastered, original electronic music with only a couple basic components. The album is comprised of the usual Boys Noize fare: techno and electronica. That being said, each track brings its own unique and energizing elements to the table. His first solo track on the album, “Overstayer,” takes on a French vibe with a slower kick and gritty synth accents. Meanwhile, “Dawnload” has almost a trap-like beat to it, yet with a far more nuanced sound than typical “twerk” songs one hears in festival sets.

As per usual, Boys Noize also invited some talented friends to join in the music production. One stand out track is “Openn,” a dark techno piece he collaborated on with Atom TM. The vintage Boys Noize sound brought us right back to shows with him in 2008 when he was just becoming big in the EDM world. “808-Iraq,” featuring Tiga, is pure electronica goodness with unique samples and the best of both producers’ musical style. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs also made an appearance on Strictly Raw, Vol 1 as well. All in all, Vol 1 is a resounding success and we’re eagerly awaiting the release the second edition.

photo credit: Nest HQ

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