Brillz creates a cover of ‘NRG’ with only live instrumentsBrillz

Brillz creates a cover of ‘NRG’ with only live instruments

Those in the dance music scene have constantly heard the quip from the outside world: “this isn’t real music.” Unfortunately for them, these folks have been proven wrong time and time again. Above & Beyond, for instance, have done acoustic versions of their tracks, Pretty Lights and Bonobo regularly bring live bands to their performances, and Bakermat is known for pairing jazz instrumentals with his house tracks.

Slightly unexpectedly but equally awesome, Brillz has decided to join the growing population of electronic musicians that show the ability to integrate live instruments into their work. He goes the extra mile on his cover of Skrillex, Kill The Noise, and Milo & Otis’s remix of Duck Sauce’s “NRG” by using only real instruments. The “behind the scenes” video shows the ingenuity of the cover’s production. Brillz even used a slamming door as one of his samples to create a kick.

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