Burning Man tells Dancetronauts to get off its lawn because performers are too loudBurning Man1

Burning Man tells Dancetronauts to get off its lawn because performers are too loud

Burning Man is the epicenter of self-expression — or at least that’s how it is advertised. It seems that Burning Man has lately held a spot in the media for all the wrong reasons, and their latest action does nothing to quell the rising tide. In another shocking move from Burning Man HQ, Dancetronauts, a running art and music installation in the desert, has been outed from setting up in the city this year. While Burners have long flocked to the large structure for parties and audio-visual entertainment, it seems the Dancetronauts will have to confine their work to the various other festivals they have become a part of (EDC, Coachella).

The explanation: all that crazy young whipper snapper music is just too loud.

According to a write-up on Burners.Me, a blog dedicated to the culture of Burning Man, the discussion regarding whether or not Dancetronauts would be able to return was spurred by two events: an incident in which the sound from the live music performances overflowed and interrupted another act elsewhere on the Playa, and an unnamed performing artist promoting his forthcoming album through mid-concert announcements. In a world designed for everyone to have their voice heard with its very own economic system, these two infractions caused quite the uproar. However, Dancetronauts are certainly not without their defenders – the decision comes as a shock and a slap in the face to many Burners worldwide.

You can find complete details regarding the eventual decision to ban the organization’s return and the process by which it happened on Burners.Me.

Editor’s Note: Note that many of the linked article’s details are debated in the comment section.

You might not get loud beats at Burning Man, but we’ve got them for you right here.