Carbon Airways pay homage to whistleblowers with ‘Break the Silence’Carbon Airways 2015 Credit Malik Doll 2

Carbon Airways pay homage to whistleblowers with ‘Break the Silence’

Brother-sister pairings in electronic music are rare — especially sibling duos as talented and provocative as Carbon Airways. After storming the scene in 2013 with their crossover hit, “Black Sun,” Engus and Eleanor are back with new single “Break the Silence.”

With its title and lyrics in mind, the song is an homage to whistleblowers around the world. The opening to the official video reads: “Dedicated to those who sacrifice their freedom to break the silence.” What follows is a politically-charged anthem with the kind of panache you’d find in a Die Antwoord track. The video features no shortage of compelling imagery — set to a backdrop of the duo’s dark, French production, it offers a powerful social statement.

Photo Credit: Mailk Doll