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Carnage and Headhunterz preview remix of Avicii and Martin Garrix’s ‘Waiting for Love’

Released just last month, “Waiting for Love” caused an explosion amongst mainstage electronic music fans. A collaboration between two giants, the vocal track was destined to be a chart-topper regardless of its quality, but Avicii and Martin Garrix pulled together an accessible tune that will certainly penetrate the radio airways. It is impossible to overstate the networks of both Tim Bergling and Martin Garrix, so it isn’t surprising to discover that high-profile remixes are in the works for the track, but this one came as a surprise.

Carnage has been challenging his fans with heavy doses of hardstyle for years throughout the US. While his core demographic loves the true festival trap sound, the Chipotle Gang leader has always been vocal regarding his appreciation for the harder genres. Remixes for Avicii’s tracks typically filter in through his own camp with At Night Management, but the three artists are rumored to have become close during Future Music Festival earlier this year.

Continuining his infamous streak of collaborations, Carnage reached out to hardstyle leader Headhunterz for a retake on “Waiting For Love.” The track itself feels more like an edit than a fully fledged remix; the main synth drives home a similar chord progression to the original under the genre’s classically distinguishable kicks. Streamed in high quality during Headhunterz’s Spring Awakening set, you can now listen a preview of the remix on repeat.

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