Casablanca Records launches exclusive demo competitionCasablanca Records

Casablanca Records launches exclusive demo competition

Casablanca Records, the home of Tiesto, Stromae, Seven Lions, and more, have teamed up with Wavo to launch their “Exclusive Demo competition.” The competition gives undiscovered DJs, producers, and artists the opportunity to be discovered by A&R executives at Casablanca Records and Republic Records. Fans will vote for their favorite submissions which will be tracked on a live chart, ranking the demos in real-time.

Casablanca and Republic A&R executives will choose the winning demo from the Top 10-ranked submissions. The contest ends July 2, 2015 at 6pm ET.

The winning entrant, who is set to be revealed on Thursday July 9, 2015, will be rewarded with a single release on Casablanca Records.

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