Chet Faker reminds us why he’s awesome with ‘Bend’Chet Faker Rolling Stone Awards 2013

Chet Faker reminds us why he’s awesome with ‘Bend’

Chet Faker has been rather quiet since the release of his chart-crushing album, Built on Glass. While three of the album’s singles landed in the top 10 of Triple J’s Top 100, one such song, “Bend,” never made it on the formal release.

“Bend” shifts the weight of Chet Faker’s style back towards his indie roots after weighing heavier on the dance side of the spectrum with his previous remix of Little Dragon. Clattering percussion and a moody bass rumble on the track’s floor while Chet swoops in to boast his famously stunning croons that are accompanied by a scathing guitar lead to heighten his bellowing charm.

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