DA says ‘Happy Birthday’ to Space with a little help from its friendsSpaceMiami

DA says ‘Happy Birthday’ to Space with a little help from its friends

Miami's Club Space Turns 15 Years Old

This June 13, Miami’s Club Space will celebrate its unofficial 15th anniversary (the club was opened in March of 2000). An enduring cornerstone of Miami’s music and party scene, making it to 15 is a major accomplishment in a city notorious for its quick club turnover. Over the years, the club’s legendary Terrace Room has even become a common adjective used to describe the earthy tribal-style house that has become a staple of venue during countless after hours sets. Talk to any music connoisseur in the city and they’ll likely have a story or two to tell you about Space, regardless of their age. Most artists will also agree that you haven’t really played Miami until you’ve played Space. To many, it’s a special place where good talent (and not bottle sales) is still the main priority, and where nobody cares who you are or where you came from – all that matters is the music. We thought it only fitting, then, to enlist the aid of some of Space’s veterans in wishing a very happy birthday to the iconic club. Here’s to 15 years of music, parties and unforgettable memories, and to many more Saturdays at Space.

Photos by Dan Vidal & World Red Eye.

Erick Morillo

What makes it special: I’ve been going there since the beginning and playing there since the beginning, I’ve been one of the lucky ones to do that… Playing Space is always special.

Defining moment at Space: (Speaking about Subliminal Records party he threw at Space during a rainy WMC) People still came out. And we moved the party inside. Then the sun came out, and we moved it back out. And then it started raining and people were like, ‘F*ck it!’ and dancing in the rain. It was awesome. That’s what great memories are made of. That’s the thing about Space, it’s not about looking good, it’s about: Make sure you’ve got your sunglasses, and we’re going to hear some great music tonight.”

Craziest/best memory: When he [Danny Tenaglia] did his all-nighter sets, it was something I wanted to be a part of… [Space] has grown to be one of my favorite spots to play around the world, because I’m able to express myself as an artist and play what I want and play for a long time.

Quotes via Miami New Times
Photo: Erick Morillo and Diddy.

Loco Dice

What makes it special: At Space you have the freedom to go on as long as you want. That’s great for me as a DJ, but first of all it’s important for the guests. Here you have a proper nightclub party, but at the same time Space has that special after hours vibe. Its international feel is almost comparable to Ibiza. Freedom and utmost care for artists and guests make Space a special place.

Defining moment at Space: There is not one defining moment but a blend of moments and encounters. Marathon sets like the last one that lasted 20 hours, all the beautiful smiles and unbelievable emotions that I get from people until the very end of my sets, my friends and DJ colleagues from all over the world during WMC in one place.

Craziest/best memory: It was three years ago on my way to the bathroom, during a very long set – an old lady who worked there asked me with a tired face how long I want to keep on playing. I smiled, hugged her, gave her a kiss, and told her that I’ll play my last record.

Space in three words: Miami, After Hours, Marathon.

Pete Tong

What makes it special: For me it was always about the after hours, it was one of the first clubs that I had been to and played at that closed when the people left.

Defining moment at Space: It’s the first place I saw Danny Tenaglia play at the old space; I was there for about 12 hours and it was a real game changing experience.

Craziest/best memory: Every Sunday morning sunrise during the WMC is a very special moment. I was first invited to play a Deepdish party and have been back every year since.

Space in three words: Intense, iconic, decadent.


What makes it special: Space is not a club, it’s a lifestyle!

Paul van Dyk

What makes it special: I’ve been playing Space a long time now and for that reason it’s a club I’ve come to know better than many. When I’m planning clubs to perform special PvD events at, it’s always at the forefront of my mind. Whether that means commencing stateside tours, testing new material, label milestone events and album launches, or 6 hour on-a-journey sets, WMCs, NYEs, etc., each night has been exceptional in some way.

The reason behind that is, it’s always had qualities that are unique to it. Over its history, for one reason or another, it’s been able to offer an experience, which sets it apart from others. Being capable of doing that, to me, is one of the hallmarks of a world-class club. There’s never anything ‘usual’ or ‘regular’ about it which comes, of course, a lot from the club’s mindset, management and set-up. I think it also comes from the clubbers themselves. They’re remarkably open and ready to put themselves in your hands. You feel right from the start of every night that the people in the room are ready to go where you go – and that’s the best foundation any DJ can ask for.

Defining moment at Space: Some of the most defining moments happen through specific tracks. Whenever I’ve dropped “Home” for example – a track I did with Johnny McDaid in 2009, you get this huge unification vibe. Everyone knows the track, everyone’s singing it over the top of the sound system and they’re locked into the moment together.

Craziest/best memory: It’s probably more memorable nights than anything else. So most recently…well probably that would be the NYE show we did at the end of 2013. It was after the music from the EVOLUTION album had really had a chance to take hold. There was a particularly unforgettable atmosphere that night. Pretty wild and unchained – I think those that were there will know what I’m talking about! Also, there was the 10 Years of VANDIT night in 2010. A lot of tracks came out throughout [the night] that I hadn’t been played for quite some time. The reactions just got bigger and bigger with each one. But that’s just two [memories]. Every time has been special and memorable in some way, just as this June 15 will be!

Space in three words: Extended Set Perfection!

Fedde Le Grand

What makes it special: As long as I’ve been coming to Miami, I’ve been coming to Space – either as a visitor or to play.

Defining moment at Space: Doing a long back-to-back set with my buddy Mark Knight. Sometimes everything just comes together and you have that indescribable atmosphere that you’ll never forget.

Craziest/best memory: Walking in to check out Tania Vulcano, an amazing female underground DJ, and ending up spontaneously playing the slot after her. [Space] allowed me to go back to my roots and do a proper underground set until nine in the morning. These unexpected things are always the best!

Space in three words: The. Real. Deal.

Oscar G

What makes it special: I spent nearly a decade playing there every Saturday from open to close, 10+ hour marathon sets weekly. It was a DJ’s dream come true. I would obsess all week about what I was going to play at Space. I defined the sound of the club and was recognized with several awards for my residency there. It made me a better artist and I am lucky and blessed to have been a part of it.

Defining moment at Space: There was always a moment, every week, that I would say a little prayer. It was that first big moment during the night when I would feel the connection with the audience. They gave me so much love and support. I always felt I needed to deliver something special for them. In that moment, I would thank God for giving me such an amazing opportunity to do what I love in the best possible situation in my own hometown. When I started DJing at 12 years old, I could only dream of moments like that.

Craziest/best memory: There are tons, but one that sticks out was a back-to-back set with my friend Nic Fanciulli. We played for 16 hours. First in the Main Room, then we moved up to the Terrace. He’s told me he has a recording of that night somewhere. It was a real musical journey and crazy how many people took the full ride with us into the next afternoon.

Space in three words: I Miss It.

Cedric Gervais

What makes it special: That’s where it all began for me.

Defining moment at Space: Me, Sharam and Nic Fanciulli at a Yoshitoshi party a few years back, playing back-to-back from 5 a.m. until 8 p.m. on the Terrace. It was crazy and so much fun. I can’t wait to get back and play on Saturday, September 5.

Craziest/best memory: Dancing to Danny Tenaglia at his conference party seven hours straight at the first Space location.

Space in three words: Magical, Intense and Pioneering.

Laidback Luke

What makes it special: It’s one of my favorite places in the world! I’ve been there many times as a visitor since the early 2000s and have taken it deep and dirty there with my DJ sets as well.

Markus Schulz

What makes it special: Not only is it a place where I shared memories behind the decks, but also on the dance floor. I first went to Space during Danny Tenaglia’s legendary marathon sets. I remember being on the dance floor and thinking to myself that one day I hoped to be in that booth too. Many years later I became a local resident, opening for guys like Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold…but it wasn’t until many years later, and hundreds of club gigs around the world, in some of the most iconic venues, that I came back home to Club Space and launched my own open-to-close marathon sets. In the same booth where I saw Danny Tenaglia, I now spend my time taking people on a musical journey that was ultimately inspired from my days as a clubber.

Defining moment at Space: The first time I saw Danny Tenaglia there, I was on the dance floor lost in the moment. I looked to my right and saw Carl Cox. On my left was John Digweed. It was a magical moment to be on the dance floor with everyone.

Craziest/best memory: I think one of the funniest moments was when I was a resident there opening for Tiesto. I had just finished my set. The entire night was broadcast live on the local radio station, Party 93.1. We had a host named Buster there. He was broadcasting live on the air when he commented on the bathroom that was in the DJ booth. He was talking about how someone went in the bathroom and stunk it up so bad the whole DJ booth was smelling. I think he did not realize the magnitude of Tiesto’s set. It was a set that many people say was one of his best sets ever, not just at Space but from all over the world. So you know there is a legendary Tiesto set floating around the internet with Buster’s commentary on the bathroom.

Space in three words: Home, Home Home.

Chus + Ceballos

What makes it special: Space Miami has been one of the most important clubs in our career – we experienced in that Terrace the most inspiring and fun moments of our history on the decks. We can say that after all these years of countless unforgettable nights into mornings, La Terraza is part of our lives, our history and musical legacy…it is definitely one of the keys to our success in U.S.

Defining moment at Space: WMC 2002 – Danny Tenaglia was playing at the old Space. He played two of our new tracks, took the microphone and talked to the audience about our music, Stereo and who we are.

Craziest/best memory: There was a morning when the party was so good and the people were having so much fun that the whole audience sat down on the floor to say thank you for the music. And on many occasions we finished the night dancing with the crowd at the dance floor, celebrating.

Space in three words: Locas mañanas inolvidables!

Mark Knight

What makes it special: If we were to fast forward to 20 years time from now, I honestly feel Space Miami will be considered alongside clubs like Studio 54, Twilo, The Sound Factory…these are clubs which defined an era in dance music’s history by providing an experience that was unique and unmatched. To have played a small part in it makes me proud. It sorts the men from the boys. Anyone can come and play an hour-and-a-half – not many people can play for 10, 12 hours, which is the length of time you get to play at Space. For weeks in advance before a Space gig, I’m planning my sets – building a marathon playlist in my head. For me it’s a massive challenge, one that leaves me drained and exhausted but also massively fulfilled and inspired. The best compliment I can give the club is that when I’m having a crap gig somewhere else, I shut my eyes and imagine I’m playing at Space Miami.

Defining moment at Space: A defining moment for me would be the time I closed the Terrace in the early afternoon with mine and Martijn ten Velden’s remix of ‘Sandcastles’. It still sends a shiver down my spine because it doesn’t get much better than that.

Craziest/best memory: One year at Conference, we did a Toolroom show and it was like two parties going on at the same time. It was 8 a.m., and there was almost a hundred people behind the booth – everyone from Sharam to David Morales, Nic Fanciulli to Groove Armada…it was like the who’s who of dance music, all getting down as much as the 2,000 people in front of me. It felt like everyone was unified by the same passion: house music. This is a music club for music people. It’s not about flashing lights, LED walls – it’s more pure than that.

Photo: Mark M with Space owner Louis Puig

Nicole Moudaber

What makes it special: I’ve been doing Space for many years, when I was a clubber partying from beginning ’til the lights went on. Being a part of this institution that taught me the love of music and people, being able to guide the ship musically as I did last weekend is quite a memorable thing for me. It threw me back to the feelings I’ve had on the floor and I wanted to send that same vibe to all who came down to hear my story.

Defining moment at Space: Danny Tenaglia’s marathon set during WMC in the mid 2000’s; the nitrogen blast was epic.

Craziest/best memory: Well not long ago back in March, I got there completely off my head (which doesn’t happen too often, I might add, so I’m allowed). I went with my posse straight to the dance floor and got lost for hours. For me it was a very cathartic experience, incredible vibes dancing with everyone…it made me realize even more why I love what I do. A moment of freedom and so much love around, it was amazing.

Space in three words: Hedonistic, Twisted and Uplifting.

Nic Fanciulli

What makes it special: Space Miami was one of the first clubs I ever held a residency at. It’s always maintained that amazing family feel, and I remember having a really special relationship with everyone involved, from the residents to the bar staff.

Defining moment at Space: I remember – it must have been 2004 – and at around 11 a.m., P Diddy came to the booth and raved with me for the whole of my set, which was definitely the defining moment for me where I really realized electronic music had opened up to the masses. I also remember playing back-to-back with Oscar G for the whole night which was so special – the guy was one of my heroes, and it was such an honor to be asked to play with him. We started playing around 9 a.m., carrying on until the early evening [Sunday] – that was the record at that time. We also had Ralph Falcon as our podium dancer – good times!

Happy birthday to the club that shaped me as a DJ! Louis, you did well!!

Paco Osuna

What makes it special: There are not many places in the world where I can feel so free to play and connected with the crowd for hours and hours in a unique atmosphere and energy; when the sun comes out it feels like a party between friends in perfect harmony.

Defining moment at Space: One night I was playing in the Techno Loft and I had all the crowd in my room playing for hours and hours. When it came time to close, the room was still packed and people didn’t want to leave. I was extending the closing more and more. Since then, I’ve earned the right to play in the Terrace.

Craziest/best memory: I was playing at another venue and right after I came to Space; my friends Marco Carola and Loco Dice were playing. I decided to go a little wild and started to order shots of a liquor that I’d never tried before. I ended with no money in my wallet and got pissed. Then, while complaining to my friends, I touched by coincidence my pocket and realized that I had the envelope with the fee of the gig I’d play before and I continued to spend money on the same drink with all my friends and the staff. It was a pretty crazy morning!

Space in three words: Music. Family. Madness.

Roger Sanchez

What makes it special: It’s my favorite place in Miami to play from night till after hours with a dedicated crowd that is totally there for the music.

Defining moment at Space: I remember starting my set during one Winter Music Conference in the Terrace and playing an ambient track for five minutes while the tension built up, and when the beat dropped the CO2 cannons hit the crowd and everyone went insane! I knew that could only happen in Space.

Craziest/best memory: I played a set in 2008 I believe where in the morning it poured rain and the crowd danced in the rain for hours!

Space in three words: Beats, Bass and Bliss.

Thomas Gold

What makes it special: Space Miami is a unique place from both views, as a DJ and as a clubber! I love the setup of the venue and especially the Terrace with it’s legendary after hours; it makes it different from other places. The crowd there is really into the music and it is pure pleasure to play for them! I did the longest DJ sets of my career all at Space – my personal record is eight hours at the moment – and I enjoyed every single minute of partying with the people! There is nothing better than watching the sunrise while you play, and when the roof opens up it’s always one of those magical moments. I am very proud to be a part of the Space history, and proud that I had the opportunity to play all these wonderful nights. I have been a huge fan of Space and the team running it since the beginning and it is an experience you should not miss. Can’t wait to be back. Thank you Space Miami and happy anniversary!!!

Defining moment at Space: It was when I played an after-hour set when the sun came out. The crew from Space threw a huge cloth onto the dance floor covering everyone on it. Everybody went nuts underneath as the CO2 was unleashed from above. The vibe was crazy for what felt like ten minutes. It was just fun!

Craziest/best memory: I remember when I went to see Erick Morillo play he went on for 12 hours or more and it was amazing to see how he works with the people and how he is able to create this special energy. Much respect for that!!!

Space in three words: Afterhours. NoLimits. WOW.

Sander Kleinenberg

What makes it special: It’s the club where I most certainly broke through in America. The Terrace sets during WMC are among my best DJing memories.

Defining moment at Space: Pioneer and me premiered the DVJ deck at Space during WMC in 2006, thus making me the first DJ to mix and DJ with DVD technology. It was pretty epic and set me off on a remarkable journey pushing audio video technology.

Craziest/best memory: Being let in through the back by Danny Tenaglia’s manager Kevin during WMC in 2002, dancing ’till late afternoon and receiving the t-shirt…ahh memories.

Space in three words: House Music’s Laboratory.

The Martinez Brothers

What makes it special: Space is definitely a super special place to us. Since day one, we’ve always felt completely at home there, and it’s become like extended fam out there. It’s one of the few spots in the U.S. where we completely do what we wanna do, until the wee hours and the crowd is super happy to follow along.

Craziest/best memory: Never forget our first ever party there for Conference at the Loft, when things got so crazy that we got shutdown. Or another time after playing for 15 hours of mayhem, heading straight to Ultra still buzzing from the craziness of Space!

Joseph Capriati

What makes it special: It’s one of the few clubs in the States where the crowd is really clued in musically and allows DJs the freedom to play what they want.You have the Loft, which focuses more on techno and dark sounds, and right next to it is the Terrace which is perfect for watching the sun come up. It’s become a meeting point for DJs and other people in the music business. DJs finish their sets and come to Space in the morning to meet friends and colleagues – it’s amazing!

Defining moment at Space: Every time at Space is such an incredible experience. It amazes me how the club can create this crazy and wonderful chaos at the same time, but it does so with such a balance that everything seems normal and as it should be.

Craziest/best memory: The best moment that I can remember at Space is from my 12-hour set on the Terrace last year. This musical journey really made me understand the true value of the club. I started at midnight and until about 5 a.m. there was one type of crowd that had come early to catch the beginning of my set. And then after 5 a.m. it was like someone hit reset and all the clubbers from the the other Miami venues that had closed for the night came with this refreshing energy that carried us until lunchtime!

Space in three words: Happy, Free and Unique.

Victor Calderone

What makes it special: As a DJ, there is always that palpable moment when you step into the booth just before your set and you notice if that vibe is present – that sense of freedom, the crowd waiting to be taken on a journey. Space defines those moments – it is literally what a DJ craves in a venue. The people on the dance floor are present and passionate about the music; it inspires you to push yourself and take risks. It is a rare trait, but for quite a long time Space continually attracts the die-hard music-loving crowd. After a night playing at Space I leave feeling inspired for days after.

Defining moment at Space: It was one of those amazing nights when every track I played felt like it belonged, seamlessly mixing itself. The vibe and energy was on another level. I was well into my set when daylight began to break. The sun cut through the slotted canvas, casting sunlight directly into the DJ booth. The light was so intense – almost like a spotlight – it didn’t feel real. When the audience noticed it was Nature’s spotlight, the Terrace erupted – it is those magical moments that make Space so special.

Craziest/best memory: It would have to be the night I experienced Space from the dance floor. I was with a group of close friends and they pulled me into the center of the floor, which is rare for me. I remember realizing how amazing it was to lose myself and once again be on the other side. I look forward to sharing many more magical nights & days at Space. Congratulations on an outstanding 15 years!

Space in three words: Freedom, Transcending, Inspiration.


What makes it special: Everyone who has ever spent more than a few hours on that Terrace knows that this is the place in Miami where magic happens. There is nothing but an extended set in front of a sea of party-willing people and the moment the daylight comes out, the first sun rays hitting the dance floor…such a special feeling as DJ and as dancing guest. I’ve been both for many years and still love it!

Defining moment at Space: There was this moment at my first night ever playing the Terrace alongside Loco Dice that I will never forget. People started screaming and giving me so much love and it didn’t even needed a break or tension coming from the track. It was the energy on the dance floor, and the people didn’t know who I was back then…that was special. Oh and there was this one time, Lindsay Lohan passed by to hang out in the VIP while I played at the “tINI and the Gang” party…she sent someone to ask if there was any chance to hear some hip hop, or a few more vocals…sorry LiLo, but couldn’t do you that favor!

Craziest/best memory: Too many to mention, but at some point I always start running around and talk to the bouncers – they almost all remember me from long ago – and it’s heartwarming what feedback I always get from these boys who have to be there for sooo many hours and listen to sooo much music. Compliments from the staff always means a lot to me!

Space in three words: Hot, Loud, Magic.


What makes it special: There is no other club like Space in the world because you can have almost have three different parties through the night: regular hours, after-hours, and morning-into-the-afternoon hours. No other club can say that. The Terrace is like no other place in the world, in my opinion. When the sunlight hits, it’s like a whole different club and a whole other vibe. There’s no other place like it in the county, and possibly the world. Congrats to Space Miami for lasting longer than most clubs, and for being the innovator and a staple in Miami’s nightlife.

Space in three words: Nothing Like Space.


What makes it special: Louis Diaz and Emi Guerra. I’ve always felt at home there. My first big gig in Miami among family.

Defining moment at Space: First time I played the Terrace for four hours opening for Loco Dice. Then Dice played 16!

Craziest/best memory: So many. I take friendship over the years. Maybe my best moment was not as an artist, but rather dancing forever to one of those Marco and Dice marathons. I miss that.

Space in three words:  Louis, Emi, Music.

Patrick M

What makes it special: Space is one of the few places in the world where I can really share my passion for music with the crowd.

Defining moment at Space: One of the best defining moments at Space was for one of my birthday celebrations years ago; we had Eric Prydz as a guest DJ and that night Danny Tenaglia and bunch of locals DJs came to say Happy Birthday and stayed almost ’till the end (in the a.m.) having fun all together.

Craziest/best memory: When I stole that chicken sandwich from Roger Sanchez.

Space in three words: Fun, Music, Love.

Cocodrills, residents

What makes it special: Space is special to us because it completely changed our perspective on music and how it can be presented. After our first experiences in the early 2000s listening to Oscar G in the main room, we knew we were hooked and we wanted to be a part of it.

Defining moment at Space: To this day we can both recall the vivid memory of us in the middle of the dance floor discussing our dreams of one day playing the terrace!

Space in three words: World’s. Best. Nightclub.

David Tort

What makes it special: Space means home to me and there’s nothing more special than that. Louis Diaz and Jackie Richie, they pushed to make my name what it is in Miami today. The last five years I played more shows at Space than anywhere else, and not everyone can say that since it’s one of the best clubs in the world. I feel awesomely thankful. I can just show up at the door and there are hugs and kisses for everyone. It’s also the only place where I finish my set and I stay for five more hours chilling with my friends or dancing on the dance floor.

Defining moment at Space: When suddenly I saw Erick Morillo in the crowd and I got so nervous. I thought, ‘there’s a legend in a legendary venue and I’m here playing,’ and I was like ‘pinch me.’ Also, road testing most of my tracks on the Terrace that later became successful ones…the momentum, the feedback from that crowd is the most sincere; they know what they want, which makes every pre-show at Space a long journey in search of the most amazing tracks you can get because they expect that.

Craziest/best memory: There was a night that I just felt I had to jump into the crowd and it was so magic because it wasn’t a crowd surf – the Terrace is not really a place for that. It felt more like friends throwing a party all together, and I wanted to be part of them for a second.

Space in three words:  Music, Family, Freedom.

Photo (left to right): Front Door Manager Jared Esdale, Marketing Manager Jackie Richie, David Tort

Robbie Rivera

What makes it special: The fans! They come to Space because they love original electronic music.

Defining moment at Space: About five years ago the Terrace was shouting my name while I was walking to the booth.

Space in three words: Underground, Loud, Special.

Wally Lopez

What makes it special: The feeling on the Terrace was always amazing!!! Also, so many good friends work there that I felt to be at home when I played there! You can’t say you have played in Miami if you’ve never played at Space.

Defining moment at Space: I always remember those nights on Space’s Terrace during the WMC with Louis and Emi. As a DJ my longest guest set ever was like seven or eight hours, finishing back-to-back with Nick Curly!

Craziest/best memory: It´s the only club I’ve stay that long in – all of my memories there are wonderful or crazy.

Space in three words: Super Dance Club.

ALX, resident

What makes it special: Club Space was the first venue of its kind in Miami- they’re the ones who formally introduced electronic music to South Florida and set the stage for the nightlife that Miami is known for today. There’s just so much history associated with the Space brand. The most unique thing about Space is the fact that it has no closing time – they can literally be open for 24 hours (and even longer.) That, combined with the right crowd of music lovers really gives DJs the freedom to play some extra special extended sets that take the crowd on a journey (especially when WMC comes around). It’s something you can’t experience anywhere else in the world.

Defining moment at Space: You never know what can happen or who might show up at Space – there have just been so many memorable times there. I’ve experienced some truly amazing sets by artists that I have a great deal of respect for: Adam Beyer and the Drumcode crew, Joseph Capriati, Loco Dice, and the list goes on. One of the most special times for me was not only being able to hear Maceo Plex at Space, but also having the opportunity to be a part of that experience and close off the night (morning, actually…)

Craziest/best memory: Club Space memories literally pile up. Most recently, one of the best times I’ve ever had at Space was being able to play the Elrow party this past WMC alongside Sian, Ellen Alien, Paul Ritch, Paco Osuna, Danny Tenaglia and the Elrow artist. That, combined with the unique energy of Elrow, stands out as one the best.

Space in three words: Music Doesn’t Sleep.

Edgar V

What makes it special: Space is the one place where you can play long sets and take people on a musical journey.

Defining moment at Space: It would have to be the CD release party for Trancemission (the first mixed compilation for the club). Releasing this CD opened up many doors, and I got to travel to many places and play all over the world because of it. Happy 15th, Space. Still grateful to this day for the opportunity that was given to me to be part of such a legendary club!

Craziest/best memory: One night in the original building we had a guest playing in our Main Room (Blue Room) so I had to play after-hours in the side room (Red Room). During my set, I see someone sitting on the ledge next to the light guy ’cause the VIP was right next to the booth. It was P. Diddy, so I was like ‘great I get to play some hip-hop dance remixes and let’s see what his reaction is.’I see him run to the middle of the dance floor, start dancing and then come running to the booth to tell me “this is exactly what I want to do.” Sure enough, about a year-and-a-half later, he released ‘Let’s Get Ill.’

Space in three words: Innovative, Futuristic, Home.

Photo (left to right): Space security, Edgar V, Christian Falero

Ivano Bellini

What makes it special: Space was the first true after hours club in Miami and the first time in Miami people were able to dance outdoors and see the sunrise. But I think what made it special was that it was the just the right time, right place, right people, right music and right vibe. I played at Space for the first 13 years of the club’s existence, so of course this place has and always will have a special emotional attachment for me. Simply said, Space changed Miami’s nightlife forever – the music, the setting, the location, the philosophy, etc…and it was also THE club that put Miami clubbing on the world map.

Defining moment at Space: When we first opened the Terrace for after hours I was still playing vinyls. One day as I was about to mix the next song I realized the record was warped. I’ve always been very careful with my vinyls so I thought it was kinda odd but kept on playing. Then two songs later the same thing happened and I thought, ‘two warped records in 10 minutes – there must be something wrong.‘ That’s when I realized that for the first time the sun got high enough in the sky that it started hitting the turntable on my left side and of course melting the vinyl. It was the first time the party went past 10 a.m. and I knew at that moment we had created something special, and from this time on there was no turning back ever. The rest is history.

Craziest/best memory: I remember, in the days before the Terrace was completely covered, people dancing in the rain and when major downpours happened even doing body slides on the dance floor, which some days basically turned into a pool.

Space in three words: Groundbreaking. After hours. Happiness.

Anthony Attalla

What makes it special: Space has changed a lot over the years since I’ve been going there but has always maintained that “vibe” where their patrons seem to lose their inhibitions and go completely wild. You’ll see this here and there at other venues but Space seems to be the one venue outside of Ibiza where the entire club is just completely out-of-control nuts.

Defining moment at Space: This would have to be this past November 8, 2014 when I was asked to play the Terrace with Steve Lawler. I had played the Terrace several times, yet this event was special to me for multiple reasons…Steve Lawler has been my biggest inspiration as an artist. When I was growing up, his early Dark Drums, Lights Out, and Global Underground NuBreed sets really changed the way I listened to music and brought me to underground music for good. When I used to go to my early WMCs, I would stand on the Terrace listening to him and would tell my friends, “one day I’ll be in that booth playing with Steve Lawler.”

Craziest/best memory: I’ve been to space a million times in my life (or so it seems) but it was never crazier than when I went for my good friend Boris’s set in April 2014. My friends and I got super crazy and for the first time in my illustrious party career I actually shut down Space. Those are all the details I remember lol.

Space in three words: Dance Music Mecca.

Radamas, resident

What makes it special: I have spent just about every Saturday for the last 15 years, almost two decades of my life, at Space entertaining people as the resident Hip-Hop/Open Format DJ. I think I hold one of the longest residencies for one of the top nightclubs in the country. After the South Beach boom in the mid- to late- 90’s when clubs like Liquid shut down, Space’s opening marked a new era of music and nightlife in Miami. Louis Puig & George took a chance on opening a spot in downtown Miami across the bridge when it was nothing but old run-down, abandoned warehouses. Space literally transformed the entire downtown landscape as other people began to follow opening restaurants and other types of entertainment and hospitality businesses. Being able to meet and play for people from all over the world and share my perspective on music has been an amazing experience. Since Space has been open for so long it also has allowed me to see how music has evolved from the early 2000s to today’s Hip Hop, Trap, DubStep and other various forms of popular music. Space has always been about the real music, the real DJs, lighting, and sound. No flash or glitz, which is why I believe 15 years later we are still going strong and Space is still an “out of this world experience.”

Defining moment at Space: I remember the first time the crowd chanted my name because they were enjoying my set – I will never forget that. It’s also a great feeling after ending a set and closing the room to direct people upstairs; people start to cheer and applaud because they enjoyed your show and want more. When a customer from out of town or overseas comes up to me and says that they have been to a million clubs in Miami but I am the best Hip Hop DJ they have heard.

Craziest/best memory: Literally the first night we opened, George Nunez (holding his walkie talkie) pulled me aside and said to me, “Do you think us opening a club in downtown will work ?” I smiled and said, “Yes I do, lets see what happens.” Or when the cast of Jersey Shore came in with cameras in tow and everyone started to boo them and throw ice at them.

Space in three words: Music, Experience, Transcendence.

Mark M, resident

What makes it special: Since I was only 18 and getting started in the nightlife industry, Space was the place I looked forward to be part of – not only because of its big reputation around the world as a nightclub, but because of its vibe! Things were a little different back then, but even nowadays that the industry and music scene has changed everyone knows that they will hear the best music at Space. The crazy thing about Space is that you never know when will you leave the place; on several occasions I’m supposed to warm up the Terrace but end up staying “only for a few hours.”

Craziest/best memory: The first time I went to Space was for a DeepDish show in 2006. That day they played two sets: one in the Main Room, and one after that during sunrise on the Terrace. It was a night to remember for me since it was my first time in this amazing club listening to the guys that made me discover more about electronic music.

Space in three words: Legendary, Sunrise, Marathon.

Debby 'London' Coda, Ciroc Brand Ambassador / Local Tastemaker

What makes it special: Space is a destination!

Alan T

What makes it special: “Special” isn’t the word I would use to reference or even begin to explain what we seek to provide for our patrons, the virgins and/or the veterans alike. It is an experience, nothing less than that, of the society of the spectacle. I would equate attending Space to one of those unimaginable destinations to acquire experience – it doesn’t matter how, but you’d best get there because it is mandatory if you’re in Miami…kind of like an Anthony Bourdain discovery! One must see, hear, taste, smell, etc. everything thats comes with an experience at Space. It’s a mandatory destination.

Defining moment at Space: Probably the most legendary moment was opening night, as a marathon man from outer space (a.k.a. Danny Tenaglia) delivered a legendary 18-hour set with a major water drip over one of his turntables. It didn’t dampen the momentous occasion whatsoever, but it sure was a lot of aqua!

Craziest/best memory: Paris Hilton’s door opening while her vehicle was still in motion and all her “Colorado souvenirs” were strewn out in front of the VIP door.

Space in three words: They are included in a Space anthem from way back, which I wrote and did vocals for: Fierceness is Welcome Always!

Jackie Richie, Marketing Manager & 'Queen of Space'

What makes it special: It’s been nearly a decade since I began promoting for Space. I was lucky enough to grow up on the magical Terrace with the guidance of legends: Emi Guerra, Louis Diaz, Louis Puig, my entire Space family, and of course our DJs.

Defining moment at Space: The first time I walked into the Space Main Room in 2005. Oscar G was playing “Dark Beat.” There was no turning back; I was hooked.

Craziest/best memories: I’ve always enjoyed some good ‘ol fashioned fun & laughter….

1. Professed my love to Loco Dice on MySpace back in 2009. Embarrassing! He is #1 DJ in my books till this day.

2. Salsa dancing on the Terrace with Guti & tINI back in 2011.

3. Toooooo much Jager with Avicii during Club Space Summer Closing while Loco Dice destroyed the Terrace.

[Scroll down for Behind the Scenes pictures from Space]

4. Laidback Luke and I bonded over dubstep and farts. Dared him to plank “when it was cool.”

5. Surprise birthday cake for Steve Angello. Fail. No utensils. Too much tequila.

6. Nic Fanciulli and Joris Voorn orchestrating a magical morning during the summer. Fans made it rain dollar bills on the booth. We ordered pizza for everyone!

7. Celebrating my birthday every Halloween at the Space Terrace.

Louis Diaz, Music Director & Talent Buyer at Space

What makes it special: It’s home. It’s family. A university on all things nightclub and more!

Defining moment at Space: Can’t answer this. We’ve had too many moments that have stayed with us. Too many lessons. Too many friends and wonderful people along the way.

Craziest/best memory: A WMC closing party a few years ago where the club was so bananas we actually got shut down, and we decided that the party could not end at 8 a.m. so we spoke with a neighbor to let us use his club and move everyone there for free. The best part is that we were in the alley with all the DJs: Paco Osuna, Victor Calderone, tINI, Guti, The Martinez Bros (in no specific order) and a pick-up truck passed by and we all jumped in the back. Definitely the most amazing short ride ever ’cause it was all for the love…everyone wanted to keep giving and nobody had to. To me that was special…

Space in three words: I will always go with my favorite motto, “WHO NEEDS SLEEP?”

Emi Guerra, Co-Founder & Partner at Space

What makes it special: Back when we opened Space in 2000, we would have never thought it would have grown into the institution that it has become today. What makes Space special is the atmosphere, the people and the vibe. We’ve had every major DJ in the last 15 years headline Space; mix that with the energetic people on the dance floors, the VIP customers that fly in from around the world, and the locals and industry people that visit us on a weekly basis and you have one amazing party. On a personal level I consider myself to be very fortunate. Space has been part of my life for 15 years and because of this I’ve been fortunate to have met and worked with so many amazing people. The memories are incredible.

What’s next for Space? Space has always been amazing at reinventing itself. It’s been that way for 15 years. I’m hoping we can continue that custom for another 15 years.

Photo (from left to right): Space Music Director Louis Diaz, Emi Guerra and Loco Dice.

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