‘Do You Own The Dancefloor’ immortalizes the birthplace of rave cultureThe Hacienda

‘Do You Own The Dancefloor’ immortalizes the birthplace of rave culture

Though its name suggests it could be a modest Latin restaurant, The Haçienda was actually one of the most monumental and important venues in electronic music history. Bought by Factory Records in 1982, the once-abandoned warehouse began its fifteen-year tenure as the “birthplace of acid house and English rave culture.” Despite closing its doors permanently in 1997 and being replaced by luxury apartments in 2000, The Haçienda was able to be immortalized through the sale of many of its old parts at auction.

Come later this summer, the infamous club will not only be immortalized through its bits sold at auction, but through film as well. Premiering at this year’s Glastonbury festival, “Do You Own The Dançefloor?” tracks the auctioned-off pieces to their owners and re-paints a timeline of the club’s glory days through interviews with them and others who influenced the club’s growth. The film will not only be nostalgic to those who had the chance to visit The Haçienda, but also educational to younger ravers who are curious about their scene’s roots.



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