Dillon Francis releases absurd music video for ‘Not Butter’Dillon Francis Press

Dillon Francis releases absurd music video for ‘Not Butter’

As if the song wasn’t ridiculous enough, Dillon Francis has gathered up some absurd visuals for “Not Butter,” the hit track off his debut studio effort Money Sucks, Friends Rule.

In a way, the new video serves to mock the progression of the artistic process and the electronic industry as a whole: go further, go harder, go sexier. The video shows the “goals” for the project to achieve, and after each quick party cut, suggestions are made to up the ante for a more edgy display. Francis is seen throughout the video on TV monitors, acting increasingly silly with each take as he spins what can only be assumed to be an entirely fictional show. The new video links up fittingly with his well-established class-clown brand, albeit taken to the extreme.

Keep an eye out for June 29. While we are unsure of what the day holds, Dillon Francis is keen on letting fans know that the date will be “lit.”

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