Dusky – Skin Deep (Original Mix)Dusky

Dusky – Skin Deep (Original Mix)

There’s little in the way of underground stigma that follows the work of UK duo Dusky — a pair consistently rallying new recruits to modern house music and its ongoing rise. Journeying from early landmarks for AUS to their own 17 Steps imprint, the London outfit has let an impressive fusion of straight-up club records and extended sets to tell the story of an act that simply gets the modern hunger for electronic music without the gimmicks.

With their next four-track EP en route, “Skin Deep” cuts to the finesse of Dusky’s modern recorded repertoire: unpretentious and naturally accessible music. This groovy and low-end favouring A-side plays with a soulful sampled edge, hinting at a more universally digestible house sound whilst keeping things reassuringly functional for the club floor. What Dusky are doing for European house music isn’t magic, but it’s on another level to that of the majority of their UK peers at the moment.

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