These three brands are pouring millions into EDMEDM Sponsors1

These three brands are pouring millions into EDM

Once the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) phenomenon hit the United States, the music and its festivals experienced a large boom as the result of business leaders and corporations in America wanting a piece of the multibillion dollar industry’s pie. Thanks to millions poured into it each year, the EDM scene has been seamlessly integrated with pop and the mainstream, making it an American cultural staple similar to what hip-hop was in the nineties. But what brands can take most of the responsibility as being the industry’s biggest backers? The results are posted below:


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Not surprisingly, the list of the biggest-spending EDM sponsors doesn’t look too far off from the roster of brands one would see running a major sports event or a massive non-EDM concert event and without these sponsors, there’s a good chance that festival production wouldn’t be nearly as incredible as it is now.

via: Billboard Magazine



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