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This is what Electric Daisy Carnival looked like 15 years ago

Insomniac’s flagship festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, got its start in 1997 when approximately 5000 ravers attended the first ever EDC at the Los Angeles Shrine. Since then Pasquale Rotella’s brand has become synonymous with electronic music culture in the States and beyond. A lot has changed since those first few humble years; Insomniac and EDC are now a global brand, EDM has officially become the music of choice for countless millennials and Rotella’s small promotional company is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Just as the scene and the fans have changed, so has the festival, moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, expanding to accommodate 100,000 headliners, and upping the production ante to meteoric proportions. Just as Ultra has evolved since the early 2000s, so has EDC and this film that documents the festival back in 2000 provides a unique and interesting look at the early West Coast rave culture that Rotella and his team helped foster.

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