Flux Pavilion announces first full-length album, ‘Tesla’Flu Pavilion 2

Flux Pavilion announces first full-length album, ‘Tesla’

Following a promising teaser of his upcoming album, Flux Pavilion has officially announced a release date for his much-anticipated LP. Despite being one of the leading prolific names of the dubstep genre, the UK artist has never yet released a full-length album, making his upcoming fall debut an exciting milestone to prepare for. Flux has already unveiled a few details that should leave fans yearning for the finished product. Riff Raff, Soulsonic Force, and Tom Cane are just a few collaborators he’s mentioned thus far, along with impressive co-writer credits to Isa the Machine of Florence and the Machine and Arthur Baker.

Tesla will arrive on September 4, with a joint US tour that will roll out later in September. For Flux, the journey to Tesla is one that embodies the new, or rather, the reinvented: “That’s what I want to capture with this record — a record that doesn’t strictly sound like you would expect, but makes you feel like you are listening to a Flux record,” he told Billboard.

Via: Billboard

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