Fritz Kalkbrenner – One Of These Days (Fat Sushi Remix)Fat Sushi

Fritz Kalkbrenner – One Of These Days (Fat Sushi Remix)

Zurich duo Fat Sushi have been setting a new precedent for melodic tech house throughout 2015, rallying the likes of Suara and Get Physical along the way. With their latest single ‘Love Matters’ still doing the rounds, the pair turn their hands to Fritz Kalkbrenner and his latest for Berlin’s Suol Music. A fusion of murky hooks, sparse key work and steady grooves carry Kalkbrenner’s harrowing vocal assets, upping the energy with a reminder of the simple yet intuitive musical formula that has seen the Swiss act gain serious traction across the European front. There’s an edge of character in Fat Sushi’s productions that is otherwise lacking from the modern tech house landscape – one that is sure to keep the duo on radars and club floors throughout the summer ahead. Release Date: July 10

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