Goshfather & Jinco – Mama (Original Mix) [Free Download]Goshfather Jinco Mama Origianl Mi Artwork

Goshfather & Jinco – Mama (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Maintaining a strong track record of refinement, Goshfather & Jinco have dropped a new original production on Elysian Records, “Mama,” as their enticing sound continues to develop in bold new ways. Their latest piece is a clinking trap gem that fires sharp hi-hat flack over muffled kicks, accompanied by pitch-bending vocal loops. Laced with metallic drum hits and spastic sample cuts, Goshfather & Jinco deliver a high-energy punch on this new original.  As the Los Angeles producer pair continue to deliver new productions, their sound steadily improves and their range of diversity expands. “Mama” sticks close to the knocking trap motif that the up-and-coming outfit continue to find success in, although it stands out above most of their other selections so far.

Backed by Elysian Records on their latest release, the ampersand ambassadors are giving away “Mama” completely free of charge.

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