Insomniac reveals its first all-trance festival: DreamstateIMG 0699

Insomniac reveals its first all-trance festival: Dreamstate

Yesterday, trance fans in Los Angeles were greeted to a welcome surprise. According to multiple sources, clubbers found fliers on the street announcing Insomniac Event’s newest festival, Dreamstate. According to the flier, the festival will be entirely dedicated to trance music; this is the first time Insomniac has ever catered to the genre in such a way.

Furthermore, it seems the event producer has chosen to go the route of raves happening in the early ’90s and early 2000’s — no official announcement has been made on the company website, and it seems the only solid proof that the festival is real came from a posting by Motive Events on Facebook. Insider comments on Reddit have confirmed that one of Motive’s main employees also works for Insomniac.

That being said, here’s what we know so far: the festival will take place somewhere in Southern California on for two days right after Thanksgiving. Obviously, the lineup remains to be seen. Considering Insomniac’s more recent trance lineups have featured an array of artists from across the trance spectrum, fans are speculating it will more than likely be satisfactory for everyone. The fact alone that Insomniac is throwing a festival with a purely trance lineup is huge; such festivals are rarely seen outside of Europe or some parts of South America.

Check out a photo of one of the fliers below, and be sure to keep tabs on the hashtags seen in it for more development on what will hopefully be an incredible new festival.

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