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Japan finally adjusts the country’s outdated ‘no dancing’ law

Remember the strict reverend¬†in Footloose who banned dancing in his town? Japan is sort of that guy, but they’re gradually¬†kicking off their Sunday shoes. Japanese officials have revised legislation of a 67-year-old Fueiho law that banned nightclubs from staying open past midnight if they abide by certain lighting codes.

Since 1948, clubs that allowed dancing were considered “adult entertainment establishments” requiring a license to stay open or else they had to close between midnight and sunrise. With this new law, clubs with lights brighter than 10 lux (officials will come in and measure) are eligible to apply for a new license called Tokutei Yukyo Inshokuten Eigyo that will allow them to remain open for 24 hours, although some major cities may be a little more lenient. Also, clubs that don’t serve alcohol past midnight can also stay open and don’t need to apply.

The law takes effect in 2016.

Via: Resident Advisor

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