The joy of these elders at Bonnaroo is contagiousBonnaroo

The joy of these elders at Bonnaroo is contagious

When someone thinks of festivals, the general image that comes to mind is droves of young people going wild to the hottest music of the year. Older generations might even look upon festivals as wild gatherings that can only be enjoyed by today’s youth. However, the crew at Funny or Die recently demonstrated to everyone that age is nothing but a number.

Take this┬ávideo of four elderly people for instance — each over 70 years-old — having the time of their lives at this year’s Bonnaroo. Due to their age and the fact that they had never been to a festival before, these guys got VIP treatment – they hung out with the bands, watched shows from the pit, and even got to go straight to the front of the line for silent disco. The smiles lighting up each of their faces are infectiou and, it is obvious that despite their old age, they’re still very young at heart.

via: Funny or Die

photo credit: Sensible Reason