Kaskade defends Justin Bieber and his ‘Where Are Ü Now’ remixMysteryland Usa Kaskade 7

Kaskade defends Justin Bieber and his ‘Where Are Ü Now’ remix

Without fail, news of an upcoming Kaskade release can create anxious mayhem within his fan base. But when whispers of a new Kaskade rework became an official debut on Heldeep Radio late last month, fans of the producer were up in arms about his choice to go pop with Jack Ü, but more importantly, the notorious Justin Bieber. After seeing more than a few vicious reactions spark, Kaskade turned to his social channels to offer a different perspective.

Close your eyes and listen to the music. Do you like the song? I do. I don’t really care who is singing it. If the song is good and I like it and I have time and they ask – I remix it. I am about the music. Now – if you have a problem with the kid personally that’s on you. That is your problem and I will let you handle that. Ask yourself this – if you didn’t know it was him singing would you like it? Yep, you would cuz it’s good.”

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