Kaskade premieres ‘Disarm You’ at EDC Las VegasKaskade1

Kaskade premieres ‘Disarm You’ at EDC Las Vegas

Usually, we don’t settle for live stream rips — but for Kaskade, we’re willing to make the exception. Premiered over this weekend at his EDC Las Vegas set, Kaskade dropped his newest original, “Disarm You.” A master at picking the perfect songbird vocalists for his hits, the producer introduces Ilsey, a singer who first made her dance music debut on Robin Schulz’s “Headlights.”

“Disarm You” is anthemic in all the right ways; combining Ilsey’s floaty vocals, Kaskade hits an emotive stride with a refined and haunting progressive breakdown that brushes aside any trace of ‘big room,’ but still manages to find a perfect fit on the EDC main stage. Proving yet again his mastery at defying genres, Kaskade is already making a great case for what could very well be his 12th album in the making. “Disarm You” has yet to receive a release date, so for now, listen to the rip below.

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