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Life of Dillon – Overload (Pierce Fulton Remix) [Free Download]

Talk about song of the f*cking summer, this is just the track you want to hear when you’ve called in sick to work and find yourself half-naked and wine-drunk out in Montauk (or Malibu, depending on which coast you’re carousing on).

Life of Dillon’s “Overload” has all the makings of a summer smash. Euphoric instrumentation with the warm, dreamy and catchy vocal effort to match. Now Pierce Fulton picks up where the band left off, taking their single in a similar direction with a signature approach. Fulton’s take on “Overload” is the one we’ve been waiting for; beloved elements of the original remaining very much in tact, and new electronic elements blending seamlessly for a new dimension.

Free Download

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