mau5trap releases the fourth installment of ‘We Are Friends’ compilationWaf

mau5trap releases the fourth installment of ‘We Are Friends’ compilation

Only a few days after his newest stage design made its debut at Governer’s Ball, deadmau5‘s mau5trap imprint has released its newest compilation. Four months after the third album was released, the latest compilation welcomes a plethora of new names to the mau5trap roster. Joining now label veterans like ATTLAS, Enzo Bennet, James Njie, and Matt Lange are newcomers BlackGummy, Draft, Monstergetdown, No Mana, Rezz, and Wax Motif who each make a strong statement in their respective debuts on the imprint.

Highlighted by the compilation’s opening track, the latest installment of We Are Friends is another showcase of ATTLAS’ superstar potential. “Boxed” is an expertly crafted original, once again showing this producer’s eclectic mindset and capabilities. A worthy competitor is Enzo Bennet, whose original combines a slight melodic touch with the dance-able rhythms heard on previous mau5trap releases.

While the majority of the compilation lands on the techno side of the genre spectrum, a sprinkling of variety keeps the album from becoming too predictable. Rezz’s “Serenity” provides a unique midtempo approach, while Wax Motif’s “Let It Go” will seem right at home on festival stages. The result is another stand-out compilation with a handful of potential superstars in tow.

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